How does Zepto® consistently create complete capsulotomies?

Zepto® uses a proprietary method of cutting the anterior lens capsule involving the rapid phase transition of the thin layer of water molecules trapped between its innovative nitinol capsulotomy ring and the capsule surface. Cutting is accomplished in 4 milliseconds everywhere at the same time along the circular capsulotomy path, ensuring a complete capsulotomy.

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Why is the Zepto® capsulotomy edge so strong?

The unique Zepto capsulotomy edge with its slightly rolled up morphology is produced through a combination of suction, which is used to create the even apposition of the capsulotomy ring with the anterior capsule surface and the 4-millisecond phase transition cutting effect. The Zepto capsulotomy edge has been shown in biomechanical studies to be 2-4 times stronger than the capsulotomy edge created by CCC or by femtosecond laser (Thompson et al 2016, Ophthalmology 123:265-274)

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Which capsulotomy sizes are available?

The current version of Zepto produces a mean capsulotomy diameter of 5.2mm. A version for pediatric capsulotomy is being pursued.

Which OVDs can be used?

All OVDs with a viscosity less than or equal to of 300,000 mPas (or 300,000 cps) can be used. Do not use with Healon 5 or Healon GV or similar.

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Is there a temperature effect inside the eye?

Direct thermocouple temperature measurements recorded inside the eye during Zepto use showed only a peak rise in the range of 0.5°C to 2°C over a fraction of a second (Thompson et al 2016 Ophthalmology 123:265-274).

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Is there any temperature effect at the incision?

There is no known temperature effect at the wound. Zepto is designed so that there is no energy or heat dissipation at the incision.

How does the suction affect zonular tissue?

The behavior of the zonular tissue as suction is engaged in Zepto has been specifically examined using Miyake-Apple imaging (Chang et al 2016 Ophthalmology 123:255-264). Suction is evenly distributed 360° around the Zepto suction cup and Zepto actually acts to stabilize the lens during use. There is very little or no zonular stress with Zepto use, compared with CCC, where a certain amount of zonular stress tracks the progressive circumferential manual tearing.

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Can Zepto® be re-used?

No, the nitinol capsulotomy ring is capable of only one capsulotomy. Attempted re-use will not result in another capsulotomy. The ring will instead be damaged and may cause patient harm.


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