Position the Zepto® suction cup horizontally on the capsule plane prior to initiating suction. Tilting upwards will prevent Zepto apposition with the capsule.

Always slide the push rod all the way back to the large portion of the neck to ensure as suction is initiated. This ensures full suction is delivered to create the Zepto capsulotomy edge.

Wait for the flow of bubbles to more or less stop before delivering energy for the capsulotomy. This ensures full apposition of the nitinol capsulotomy element to the capsule to create the strong capsulotomy edge.

During Zepto release, always wait for small amount of OVD/BSS to exit the corneal incision. This indicates that the Zepto suction cup has been floated off the capsule and can now be withdrawn from the eye.


Do not touch the Zepto tip (suction cup and capsulotomy ring) with fingers or an instrument.

Do not tilt the Zepto suction cup upwards as this will inhibit capsule apposition.

Do not leave the push rod in the neck as suction is initiated. This significantly impedes the delivery of suction.

Do not deliver capsulotomy energy before bubbles have stopped flowing. The capsule will not be optimally apposed to the nitinol capsulotomy element and an incomplete or weak capsulotomy may result.

Do not move Zepto off the capsule until it is fully released as this may damage the capsulotomy edge. Wait until the assistant has pushed the roller dispenser forward and a small amount of OVD/BSS has exited the corneal incision.




After the suction line has been filled with BSS, always check that the red clamp is closed. This prevents BSS from flowing out the suction tubing as it is being connected to the fluid isolator.

After connecting to the fluid isolator, always remember to open the red clamp so suction can be delivered to Zepto during capsulotomy.

Re-check that the red clamp is open before handing the Zepto handpiece to the surgeon.

Have roller dispenser ready in your hands and slide roller fully forward in one motion upon surgeon instruction.


Do not forget to prime the suction line with BSS.

Do not submerge the Zepto tip in BSS more than 2/3 the height of its protective cover. Doing so may cause BSS to enter the Zepto handpiece and affect its electrical function.

Do not leave instruments or other objects lying on the Zepto suction line or cause the line to be kinked.

Do not puncture the suction line as any leaks will prevent proper Zepto operation.


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