What Is Zepto® cataract surgery?

cataract surgery patient informationZepto® is the latest precision pulse technology approved for cataract surgery by the FDA and Health Canada (Canadian Therapeutic Products Directorate, Medical Devices Bureau). Zepto uses a high-precision method to create a lens capsulotomy, which is one of the most important steps during surgery that can determine the success of your procedure.
Compared to current methods, Zepto helps your surgeon automatically provide you with a quick, gentle, and precise outcome.

How does Zepto compare with laser cataract surgery?

Laser cataract surgery involves tens of thousands of laser pulses and more energy, whereas Zepto cataract surgery only requires 12 pulses lasting a mere fraction of a second and is therefore gentler on your eye. Published research has also shown that Zepto produces a better capsulotomy result than lasers. Many surgeons find that lasers lengthen cataract surgery and their use is inconvenient for the patient and the surgeon. Zepto is faster and easier.

Zepto can personalize my cataract surgery? How?

information for patients using zepto mynosysYour eyes are unique. Doctors know that each eye is sized and shaped differently and therefore you have your own individual way of seeing. Zepto’s unique design allows your doctor to provide you with personalized cataract surgery that is customized for the way you see. Zepto is the only FDA approved technology that can do this new type of cataract surgery.

Does my doctor offer Zepto?

Zepto is offered by many doctors already, and more are beginning to use Zepto to help patients every day. Discuss with your doctor whether Zepto is right for you.

How is using the Zepto system different from regular cataract surgery?

Zepto-guided personalized cataract surgery is an advanced form of cataract surgery in which the most technically challenging step of the surgery is now automated using nanotechnology and the whole surgery is anchored precisely on your visual axis.

Is there any pain involved?

You will receive the same type of eye drops for numbing as in cataract surgery. Zepto-guided personalized cataract surgery should not be painful at all.

How long does it take?

The amount of time involved may vary, but in general should not add significantly to surgical time.

How will Zepto help me?

Zepto may help by providing a stronger and more precise surgical result. In some cases, Zepto may help surgeons with more challenging cases. Zepto-guided personalized cataract surgery helps to put the lens implant along your very own unique visual axis.

For more detailed information, talk to your ophthalmologist.


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